FH Resources

I'm always growing a pile of resources for kids and parents of kids who are fibular hemimelia amputees OR have limb differences, or for anyone who wants to be inspired! These are not so much informational as sources of encouragement, inspiration, support, and awareness.

Please email me if you have any resources to add to this list.


Fibular Hemimelia and Amputation Awareness Facebook Group.
One of the most valuable resource to connect with parents from all over the world.


Amy Purdy on Dancing With the Stars (2014)
Braylon O'Neill: Making Strides (Microsoft commercial/FH)
Models of Diversity
Overcoming Obstacles TED video
Nobody's Perfect mini documentary
The girl with the 'zebra leg' wows Hog country news article
Sara Walsh feature
Shriners Hospitals: A Tale of Two Patients


Amy Purdy &Toyota
Aimee Mullins & L'Oreal
Nico: Powerade
Aimee Mullins & Kenneth Cole
BP's 2012 Olympic/Paraolympic Games (with Jerome Singleton)


Soul Surfer
Dolphin Tale
How to Train Your Dragon
Finding Nemo


Just Like Us coloring book by Jennifer Latham Robinson (Amazon.com)


Staring from ICAN authors
Is that a leg sticking out of your purse? from ICAN authors
A great article for sharing with friends and family.


Sew-able Dolls (American Girl-like dolls with prostheses)
Special Angel Dolls (Cloth dolls with arm and leg differences; they also custom make dolls to your match your child's limb difference!)
SaraBears (amputee teddy bears)


Camp No Limits
Adventure Amputee Camp
Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp (Amputee Coalition of America)
Camp No Limb-itations (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)


Blaze Sports
Paralympics Sports


Limbs for Life
Amputee Coalition of America
International Child Amputee Network (ICAN)
Shriners Hospitals for Children


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these I am currently pregnant with my second little girl and she has been diagnosed with FH . Some great books to read to my three year old and our soon new edition to our family . Your blog is inspiring thank you and God bless you all

Dianne said...

This is a great story. My son was diagnosed with FH when he was nine months old as I noticed a mark on his right calf when he was born and noticed the absence of his right ankle bone. He began walking at ten months old and had a bow to his leg but never let they stop him. He had his ankle reconstruction surgery the spring of 2014 and spent the summer in three different casts. He handled it like a champ and climbed just as much if not more than he had before. He is going to have a second surgery when he is in grade school then a third survey when he's about 16. He's 3 now. He wears a lift on his right shoe and gets around like any other kid. He doesn't even know there's any difference than any kids and the other kids don't treat him different. Love him to pieces!

Jake said...

We just found out my daughter has this, we found out early as she is still in the womb. But I was just wondering if some parents could give some advice or just a person to talk to. Please feel free to email me. Fassben5@uwm.edu thank you