February 10, 2016


I know I haven't posted in a while and I'm going to try and get better about that. As cliche as it sounds, things have been so busy and I'm working much more than I was last year. I love it, but it makes it hard to find time for other things. 

Several weeks ago, we went to visit my parents in Florida and they took us to a Disney resort for three days. We spent one day at Magic Kingdom and the rest hanging out at the pool and other fun things to do. The girls had such a great time. The princesses were of course the biggest hit of the day! We of course brought all of our princess dresses and dolls and stuffed them in a bag in preparation to meet them. And as expected, Disney was the BEST place for food allergies. If you have a child with allergies, you can take them to Disney and actually eat at the restaurants.

In flight

Showing off her Magic Band!
Fun at the Wilderness Lodge. Swimming in January, who would've thought?

Bus to Magic Kingdom

Dreams come true

But Mom, how are we going to see where she lives without going underwater? (four year old brain's wheel turning)

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Kristina said...

gosh, they are the cutest. Disney is the best!