December 30, 2008


This was my first Christmas away from home. Lots of new experiences and fun his family. See the pictures below which included a fun little scavenger hunt Ben and I put together (reminded me of the fairy tale scavenger hunts my sisters and I used to do for our parents where we would dress up like different characters). We had a wonderful time!

December 1, 2008

We're Married!

I'm still trying to get the hang of this whole post thing so bear with me. This will be my first post! I am not nearly as eloquent of a speaker as Ben, so please promise you won't compare me.

We were married Sept 14 and had a wonderful wedding. It really opened our eyes to the incredible support network we have and how blessed we are with everything God has given us and the whole process of him bringing us together as friends, and eventually, spouses. Our honeymoon in St Lucia was one of the best weeks I have personally ever had! Since then, becoming adjusted to married life has been surprisingly 'normal'. It seems as if the hardest part was BEFORE the wedding, moving in Ben's stuff and scaling back my own and all the little nuances that accompany such a big change. Overall, it has been a fairly smooth ride with a few bumps along the way. Can't complain!

Currently, I am just finishing my internship and school (including all my test for certification), and Ben is working with his patients through the home health care company until May arrives.

Lastly, we have found the most encouraging, incredible spiritual home in the Well in Loganville. For those of you who don't know or have never been to this place, it is truly a 'gem'! The community we've found is amazing and the people there inspire us through every conversation... well worth the 'bit of a drive it is to get there! And no better way to spend Saturday nights... we look forward to it every week! What an answered prayer! That's all for now!
Here are a few wedding pics

And some St Lucian beauty!