July 12, 2010


Lime-roasted chicken tostadas with green bean and potato salad..... yum!

July 11, 2010

Movie Time

I'm always looking for good movies, and I wanted to share this 'gem' I watched recently- Under the Same Moon, or La Misma Luna. It showed up on my Netflix recommendations, where they list movies they think you will love based on movies you rated highly. It's a heartfelt movie with a strong message that also allows you to appreciate the culture and understand immigrant life in America. It has great acting, is clean, and made me laugh and cry! The movie is all in Spanish but you can put on subtitles and you eventually forget about them. Watching the movie in the language made it much more authentic and real. Best movie I've seen in a long time! Enjoy!

Single mother Rosario leaves her young son Carlitos in the care of his grandmother and illegally crosses the border into the U.S. Though she hopes to eventually make a better life for herself and her son, she toils in a dead-end job as a cleaning lady in Los Angeles. When Carlitos' grandmother passes away some years later, the boy begins a difficult and dangerous journey to join her. (PG-13)