November 18, 2008


I learned how to fly late last night - without wings, fuel, propeller, jetpack, or any other devices or gadgetry normally used for such a mode of travel. By simply moving my arms, as if I were treading water, my body began defying gravity. While seeking to impress all my immediate family with my newfound talent, I woke up mid-dream, lying next to Lisa. Fortunately, she seemed to have suffered no slap to the head or wayward kick to the body. Or if she did, my favorite deep sleeper was not conscious of it. Normally, I would have groaned and complained about waking up before my alarm clock sounded, but I was excited to welcome the day after enjoying such a glorious nocturnal experience.

Upon further ruminations of the dream, I find it somewhat symbolic of my recent union with Lisa. Becoming one with someone is rather like learning to fly. The act alone can be intimidating and fear-inducing. One finally gets the nerve to go for it and experiences an adrenaline rush like no other. The high can be sustained as long as one remains in the air or even after, meaning possibly to infinity. The intensity, enjoyment, and duration is a personal choice you and your partner both determine.

Each flight, just like each union, is wholly unique. Some people crash and burn, others move lazily in circles, still others strain to reach the heavenly bodies. All touch down again, at least once. I picture Lisa and I following the model of those who land, only to jump off the cliff again in absolute abandonment, over and over again, regardless of age or circumstances. Those couples are true frequent flyers.

Simply getting off the ground has been such an adventure, I smile wondering where the flight will take us and how we will get there, in what ways the myriad experiences will shape Lisa and me, and how much fun we will have.